Replacement Gledhill Brook Parts

Walter wrote:

I'm looking for a bit of help and / or advice. My wife's mother kept a Gledhill-Brooks Universal Recorder Time Clock serial number 22247 from a restaurant that her mum & dad used to own years ago. We have put this to a clock repairer who looks after some clocks that we have and they say that the main winding arbour wheel or great wheel or transition wheel, (depending on what people call it) but regardless, it's the 1st wheel in the chain is damaged. The question I would have is, can you advise the best place to look at getting a replacement wheel, or perhaps someone who had a non working clock with a movement that may still have this useable part.

Any help or advice will be most appreciated.

GBLog replied:


We are merely collectors, too. We purchased the Web site name to share our love of these clocks, but are not associated with the company. But we would like to try and help.

My husband has repaired several of our GBs. He has looked at your photos and the case appears to be one we haven't seen before, as though the bottom may have been modified somewhat . . . But that shouldn't matter. 

Okay, the great wheel: we have been able to purchase all of our GB repair parts on The movements are called Empire Movements ( and the parts should be interchangeable. He suggests that you monitor eBay UK and purchase an empire movement, as we've found that they come up quite regularly. Your repairman could then remove the great wheel from your purchase. OR if the new movement seems to be in good nick, you could just pop it into your clock as they usually attach with only about four screws.

Good luck!

Other Objects Produced by GB

Steve wrote the following: 

Please can you help me with some information.

During 1940 WWII was your company called Gledhill-Brook Ltd. London. I have a level/gauge number P3130 and am trying to get any information on the item.

Thank you.

GB replied:

Thanks for visiting our site! We are not actually Gledhill Brook, as they are no longer in business. We are just fans of their time recorders and have created this Web site to share with other fans. 

We do have a brief history of the company listed on our Web site which we were able to find in the national archives. In this history, it IS mentioned that GB made a level during the war. This is the quote:

"During the 2nd World War, the company produced a range of military equipment: sun compasses for desert operations, a field service level for use in road and trench construction, map measurers, booby traps, tanks and torpedoes."

Sounds like you have a real treasure on your hands! We'd love to see a photo if you ever happen to take one and think to send it.

Gledhill Brook Fusee Time Recorder. 1940s.

This was a complete case and movement restoration.



Gledhill Brooks Time Recorder. 1930.


This is a Gledhill Brook Time Recorder clock with Empire fusée movement . (Simplex, Ltd., bought out Gledhill Brook in 1964). It’s made in England. I have completed everything except the face which will have to be sent for restoration by a professional. Gledhill Brooks are widely regarded as the finest Time Recorders built and the only Company to fit their machines with ‘Fusee’ clock movements.


They were all of eight day duration and very good time keepers. The recorder mechanism in this one is in perfect working condition. I recall having to fabricate one of the control rods that connect the clock movement to the time recorder unit.

No Key

GB has received several questions from folks who acquired clocks without keys such as the one below:

I am looking for the winding key for a Gledhill clock i just bought! The model is 76323 Photo attached for your gallery

Can you help?


Anyone with insight as to where keys can be acquired, please reply via the Comments section.


Was Working Not Working

Ian in Manchester writes: 

I have a  mechanical 1951 time clock 76670. It used to work really well & now doesn’t work at all.  I moved it when moving house very carefully.
I took the pendulum weight off & handled it very carefully.
Now it won’t run & I have cjhecked all the usuals.
The time recording mechanism did work but needed a new ribbon.
Now the handle will bit go all the way down no stamp & no chime.
Can anyone tell me what I have done?

If you have any advice for Ian, please reply via the Comments section below.


Uncharted Serial Number

Roy writes: 

I have had a Gledhill Brooks clocking in clock for over 30yrs. My dad acquired it for me from the CWS Shopfitting works in Salford when they changed to electronic clocks. I may even have clocked in on this clock as they were in use when I was an apprentice joiner there from 1960 to 1964 ( I left to become an architectural technician).

The clock resides in the garage and provides a lovely background tick-tock which my wife finds too loud in the house.

I've looked at a couple of serial number listings to date it but can't find the one which is on my clock.

The number I have is:  29820 (not 29208 as on your listing).

Is anyone able to assist Roy? If so, please use the Comments to reply.