Clock in MA Antique Mall

Below is a series of exchanges with a site visitor called Anthony. He saw a GB with missing parts available in an antique mart and had some questions about its value:

Could you help me decide about a purchase of a GB time recorder that is good condition but lacks a clock dial or pendulum?  I found it in a store for $125 US.

Will I be able to find parts like a dial? What is the  worth of it's parts.

Any advice or suggestions would greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,


Thank you for visiting our site. At that price, it is definitely worth purchasing. The remaining parts alone are more valuable than $125.

The face and dial are out there. I have the most luck on eBay UK. You have to be patient, but they do come up. When I have found them, I usually contact the seller and ask about shipping to the US.

That's a great deal. Whereabouts did you find the clock?

Hello. Thank for your quick response.

I don't think I am going to buy it.  Besides not having the dial I also did not see a pendulum, which I see in pictures online of a working version of this clock

FYI The movement number is 27025.

Anyway since you were so helpful I can tell you where it was as of yesterday March 16, 2013

Cambridge Antique Market
201 Msgr. O'Brien Highway 
, MA 02141. 
Phone 617-868-9655.
OPEN TUESDAY-SUNDAY 11am to 6pm ...

It is a large 4 story building and it was on the third floor? I know it was not the first floor and not the top floor.

Anyway if you imagine facing the building from the front the clock is leaning against the exterior wall on the far right of the building sort of near the front right corner. Maybe this drawing will make more sense.

They are very nice people and you could call them and maybe get them to take pictures etc or buy it.  As I am sure you know it is a very heavy piece in terms of shipping it anywhere.