Mick's Machine

Anyone have any information for Mick?



     I have recently acquired a gledhillbrook clocking in/out time machine. as I am quite a novice to these fusee movements,

 I bought it because it looks great and is an interesting conversation piece.

  I was wondering if you could give me a little information about it.  the person I bought it from knew very little about it, only 

 that he thought it it had come from a premises in Huddersfield.  it is in working order, although I was told the clocking in mechanism requires re- aligning with the clock, I will eventually have it serviced when I find a clockmaker with experience with these clocks.

    it has a darkish oak case, a serial number of 62296.  it also has another number on a removerble  picece which seems to form part of the throat for placing the cards to clock on/off. this number is 55557.

  the dial is very plain with no writing at all, except the number 20 below the 12 hour, about an inch in height. I would assume this refers to the 20th time machine at the factory,although it would have to be a big factory!

 it also has written on both side in gold transfer the words gledhillbrook. also about an inch in height.

   I would be very grateful for any information.

                    thank you.    mick