Punch Cards

Visitor Tony writes below: 


I have restored a Gledhill-Brook time recorder for our local museum. It is labelled Simplex but I am assured that it is Gledhill-Brook machine.

Having now got it working nicely, we would like to use it for 'clocking in' children when they visit the museum. To do so, we need cards and we know that we will have to print our own. However, we don't know the size or pattern, they are probably 3 1/4" wide.

I wondered if you could help us with a pattern please and advise us on the dimensions.

Many thanks for your help,

Our Reply

Hi Tony,

Thank you for writing. Unfortunately, the cards are a desired bit of paraphernalia, but we do not have any.

Cards occasionally come up in the comments section of another blog we host: http://duetime.wordpress.com/2009/01/06/gledhill-brooks-time-recorder-1930/

You can read back through the comments and see if there is anything helpful there for you.

Personally, I have occasionally seen original cards for sale on eBay. Check out EBay (UK) (http://ebay.co.uk) There are many more Gledhill clocks and parts available from England.

Good luck!