Dating a GB Movement

Derek's Question: 

I have seen the information about dating the clock from the number on the case itself. However is there any way of dating the movement, as this also has a number but is not the same as that on the case?

Several examples on your web site show the oak case being very light oak finish, which I prefer (well my wife does!). My Gledhill Brook is finished with a very dark oak, more common I think, so how is the lighter oak finished obtained?

On each side of my Gledhill wooden case there is a Gledhill Transfer/logo. It would be great to be able to get some new ones of these made up if the restoration warrants it.

Finally what about suitable clocking in cards. Is there any format or template that could be made available so they could be scanned for example and these could be then made up by those who want them?

Anyway, keep up the great work!

Best wishes



GB Response:

Apologize for the very late response on this.

We are not aware if any method to date the movement. That could just be our ignorance, however. They pretty much stayed the same over the years, so we can't even really date them by mechanical evolution. 

Regarding the case: I have a lighter oak case specimen, as well. I don't think they were manufactured in lighter oak, but when I restored mine, I stripped it, sanded it and stained it with a blond oak color. This is not in keeping with the original, but it does give it an attractive more contemporary look. The purists may frown upon that. But as with all things in this line, if you are going to keep these, it is often a matter of taste. 

I have not come across any transfer decals. Some clocks had GB on the side of the case, but I think these were painted on. 

The punch cards seem to be the holy grail with GB  collectors. We've had many requests for samples or reproductions. I'm sure someone with graphic design software could create a template reproduction for us, but we have yet to see an example or image of an original to use as a guideline.

Thank you again for visiting our site!