Other Objects Produced by GB

Steve wrote the following: 

Please can you help me with some information.

During 1940 WWII was your company called Gledhill-Brook Ltd. London. I have a level/gauge number P3130 and am trying to get any information on the item.

Thank you.

GB replied:

Thanks for visiting our site! We are not actually Gledhill Brook, as they are no longer in business. We are just fans of their time recorders and have created this Web site to share with other fans. 

We do have a brief history of the company listed on our Web site which we were able to find in the national archives. In this history, it IS mentioned that GB made a level during the war. This is the quote:

"During the 2nd World War, the company produced a range of military equipment: sun compasses for desert operations, a field service level for use in road and trench construction, map measurers, booby traps, tanks and torpedoes."

Sounds like you have a real treasure on your hands! We'd love to see a photo if you ever happen to take one and think to send it.