Electronically Propelled GBs

Bill's Question:

I purchased this clock 2 yrs. ago. The power cord has been cutoff where it exists out the top. I cannot find any numbers anywhere. How do I know what voltage it would be. Thank you, Bill

GB Response:

Hi Bill. We aren't as familiar with electrically propelled GB movements. The only thing we might suggest would be to take the mechanism out and see if there is a transformer of some sort that may indicate the voltage.

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Electric GB

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hi I have just bought a Gledhill time recorder. there is no key hole to wind up buy there is a power point [not connected]. the clock reads  cl327,   empire no866,  clock no  52338. .  on power supply it reads  4 1/2 ozs,  .145 amp,   phase  20 ohms  res.. can I connect this direct to mains or do I need a master clock. thank you.