GB Cleaning and Time Card

Any hints for Rich on cleaning? He's also looking for that elusive GB punch card! The man who presents us with that will be everyone's hero!


Great to have a community!  I have a recorder from 1932 in as far as I can tell, completely original condition.  I have two questions:

1. The clock will not keep running.  I suspect that is because it is dirty (although it visibly looks clean) and has not been run for some time.  Can it be cleaned in place without taking out the movement?

2. Is there an example of the original time card so that I could use it as a template to make new ones?



Non-Fusee Variant?

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Great website!

I have just obtained a 1930's gledhill brook time recorder, however although the movement looks like the usual movement, this movement does not have a fusee!

The power is from a (now broken) OPEN spring. This appears unusual in a gledhill brook clock. The broken spring has appeared to have damaged some teeth.

So I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this variant?

Best wishes



GB Anamoly

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Hello,  I have been reading your interesting notes on G-B time recorders, and am wondering about an apparent anomaly.  I acquired the time recorder from my first workplace (it had been replaced by an electric TR)

in 1966 and it has been running without problems ever since.  I removed the base and stamping mechanism as it was just too big and heavy to have in the house!

Looking at you photographs of the typical  fusee movement, I realised that my clock has a normal spring. The front plate and everything on it looks exactly right – were some made without fusee?

My case number is 53950 and movement is J30955.

Hope you can help with info.



Suspension Spring Schematics

Anyone have the photo or drawing that Ian is requesting? If so, can you email it to and I'll get the info to Ian.



I am restoring a 1930 GB time recorder No. 36106 and the suspension spring is totally missing.  Do you have any information on the spring, e.g. a photo or drawing with dimensions and if possible where I might get one or something similar.  Thank you in anticipation.



Electric GB

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hi I have just bought a Gledhill time recorder. there is no key hole to wind up buy there is a power point [not connected]. the clock reads  cl327,   empire no866,  clock no  52338. .  on power supply it reads  4 1/2 ozs,  .145 amp,   phase  20 ohms  res.. can I connect this direct to mains or do I need a master clock. thank you.


Mick's Machine

Anyone have any information for Mick?



     I have recently acquired a gledhillbrook clocking in/out time machine. as I am quite a novice to these fusee movements,

 I bought it because it looks great and is an interesting conversation piece.

  I was wondering if you could give me a little information about it.  the person I bought it from knew very little about it, only 

 that he thought it it had come from a premises in Huddersfield.  it is in working order, although I was told the clocking in mechanism requires re- aligning with the clock, I will eventually have it serviced when I find a clockmaker with experience with these clocks.

    it has a darkish oak case, a serial number of 62296.  it also has another number on a removerble  picece which seems to form part of the throat for placing the cards to clock on/off. this number is 55557.

  the dial is very plain with no writing at all, except the number 20 below the 12 hour, about an inch in height. I would assume this refers to the 20th time machine at the factory,although it would have to be a big factory!

 it also has written on both side in gold transfer the words gledhillbrook. also about an inch in height.

   I would be very grateful for any information.

                    thank you.    mick


Daily Punch Cards?

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I am in the process of restoring my time recorder and due to the fact that these are very well made it has been quite straight forward, mainly cabinet work due to the fact of how it was bolted to the wall.My question is about the time stamp?. I can  not see that it has anyway that it could change the position of the card on a daily basis so one card would register times over a week period.Is it possible the employer would issue a clocking in card for everyday?.

I look forward to any comments.

Thank you,