The Clock that Hasn't Stopped

I own a time recorder Gledhill Brook made in about 1934. You are going to find my story hard to believe but I've used it continually as a time piece for the past forty six years.

When i left school in 1958, I went to work at a motorcycle firm in Oxford and we used to clock in on it. In about 1964, it was replaced by a electric machine with a loud hooter that we had to shove a piece of rag up the end of to drown the noise.

Anyway, the old clock found its way on the scrap pile and the boss let me have it. When I left there, I installed it at a village garage where I was working as the workshop manager, We only used it as a time peice. Another ten years went by and I bought my own garage in Ascott upon Wychwood.

I have been winding it for the last thirty years here. I am in my 70s now and I keep thinking of the old song "The Clock Stopped Never to Go Again When the Old Man Died." I could have an ordinary clock with batteries I suppose, but this clock has been part of my life.

I hope you find this interesting.

Chris W.